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Capacity Building and Establishment of a Community of Practice for Researchers and Policymakers for Evidence Use in Environmental Policymaking iNigeria (alias EUEPiN) is part of larger project funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation under the aegis of the African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP) in collaboration with the African Academy of Sciences (AAS) entitled ‘The initiative for Expanding Evidence Leadership in Africa’ (also known as Evidence Leaders in Africa (ELA)).

The ELA project seeks to expand the leadership of AAS scholars and scientists in the use of evidence in policy formulation and implementation by African governments. Specifically, the project hopes to:

University of Lagos

Host Institution


Increase the number of academic leaders championing Evidence-Informed Decision Making (EIDM) in Africa.


Increase the number of government agencies in East & West Africa taking specific actions to institutionalise Evidence-Informed Decision Making (EIDM).


Deepen evidence and expand space for Evidence-Informed Decision Making (EIDM) learning in Africa.

Temitope O. Sogbanmu, Ph.D, MNYA

                   Team Lead 

Project Team

Acronym/Alias: EUEPiN

Project Title: Capacity Building and Establishment of a Community of Practice for Researchers and Policymakers for Evidence Use in Environmental Policymaking in Nigeria.

Acronym/Alias: EUEPiN

Project Lead/PI: Temitope Olawunmi Sogbanmu, PhD

Funder: William and Flora Hewlett Foundation under the aegis of the African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP) in collaboration with the African Academy of Sciences (AAS).

Project Partners: Lagos State Ministry of Environment and Water Resources, Federal Ministry of Environment, Lagos Office, Federal Ministry of Science and Technology

Project Advisors: Prof Adebayo A. Otitoloju, Prof. Olanike K. Adeyemo, Dr. Peter Ekweozoh

Project Host Institution: University of Lagos

Project Technical Support/Partner: African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP)