About the Environmental Evidence Synthesis and Knowledge Translation (EESKT) Research Cluster

Temitope O. Sogbanmu, Ph.D, MNYA

           Team Lead

The EUEPiN Project has established an Environmental Evidence Synthesis and Knowledge Translation (EESKT) Research Group at the project host institution (University of Lagos). The research group operates under the TETFUND Centre of Excellence for Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Management (TCEBCEM) at the University of Lagos.

The EESKT Research Group’s focus is on capacity building, generation, co-production, synthesis and dissemination of high-quality environmental evidence to guide decision/policymaking processes in Nigeria, among others. The EESKT is partnering with the Knowledge Translation Units (KTUs) at the EUEPiN Partner institutions while technical partnership and support will be provided by the African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP), among others. 

The EESKT is led by Dr. Temitope Sogbanmu (EUEPiN Project Lead) and includes members and advisors from relevant departments at the University of Lagos: Dr. Olanike BuraimohDr. Bolajoko MalomoDr. Christopher Okiki and Professor Adebayo Otitoloju (EUEPiN Project Advisor). 

University of Lagos

  Host Institution

Current Project

                                                                  Development of an Open Access Platform for Environmental Evidence in Nigeria