About the Knowledge Translation Units (KTUs) at EUEPiN Partner Policymaking Institutions

As part of the EUEPiN project implementation plan to promote and sustain the initiative, Knowledge Translation Units (KTUs) have been established at the EUEPiN Partner policymaking institutions. The partner policymaking institutions are; the Federal Ministry of Environment, Lagos Zonal Office; the Lagos State Ministry of Environment and Water Resourcesand the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology

The main objective of the KTUs is to promote the mainstreaming of the best available scientific evidence/research in concert with contextual factors to inform environmental policy and practice by the institutions. This will ensure research uptake and institutionalization of the evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) knowledge and skills for environmental management gained in the course of the EUEPiN Project. The Environmental Evidence Synthesis and Knowledge Translation (EESKT) Research Group at the University of Lagos in collaboration with the African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP) will be providing technical support for the productive outputs of the KTUs.